The examples below are available as Jupyter notebooks in the Github repository.

The recommended order of the tutorials is from the top to bottom:

  • NV Center in Diamond example goes through the Quick Start example in more details.

  • VV in SiC tutorial explores the difference between generalized CCE with and without random bath state sampling. Also, in this example we introduce the way to work with DFT output of hyperfine tensors.

  • Shallow donor in Si example shows the way to include the custom hyperfine couplings for more delocalized defects in semiconductors.

  • Correlation function example explains the way to use autocorrelation function of the noise to predict the decay of the coherence of the NV center in diamond.

  • Multiple central spins example goes over the systems with two central spins, either forming a hybrid qubit, or system of two entangled qubits.